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Magical Ribbons Review!

okay, so here we go.

this review is a combination of two orders, one was made back in april or may and I got them in may, I know that much. the second order was ordered in august during the sale and I got a couple weeks later, way under the standby time. the bottom right picture includes my most recent order, and the others are from the first order.  so lemme tell you what all I have now:

top left:

  • UP! [french barrette]
  • Tim Burton’s Cheshire Cat [fb]
  • MGM Park Map [fb]
  • Gryffindor House [fb]

top right:

  • this is just to show you what the backs look like. on the park map I opened up the barrette so you can see it better, it’s hard to tell when it’s closed, and on the mini bow it’s a pinch clip, which are amazing for minis! 

bottom left (all minis):

  • Mermaid Ariel [pinch clip]
  • Flynn Rider [pc]
  • Maximus [pc]
  • Perry the Platypus [pc]
  • Kiss the Girl Ariel [pc]

bottom right (all minis):

  • Peter Pan [pc]
  • Mermaid Ariel with purple center (we’ll talk about this) [pc]
  • Jolly Holiday Bert [pc]
  • Custom purple/purple Mermaid Ariel [pc]
  • Blue Merida (no hair) [pc]
  • Haunted Mansion B CM [pc]

both of my orders went really well and I am so extremely pleased with everything I ended up with! the perry bow is a gift for one of my friends [she’ll get in eventually] and I got to UP bow from another friend. the only thing I have to say is make sure if you get a customized bow that you explain exactly what you want and how you want it. that’s how I ended up with a mermaid ariel with purple in the center, I meant a full purple bow but I didn’t state it clearly enough. however, when I told Hayley that I didn’t get what I wanted I messaged her and we worked it out so she immediately made me what I truly wanted and sent me what I wanted [after paying] within days. it was an amazing turn around and it was perfect for how she fixed the problem after I told her about it. just make sure that you state everything clearly for what you want. I have had an amazing experience with Hayley and magicalribbons and I suggest them to everyone! whenever I wear my bows I get so many compliments and they were perfect to wear in the parks as well! so many cast members in the parks complimented me and wanted to buy some of their own! I went in July [also went to Wizarding World in Universal where I wore my Gryffindor bow] the only time I had an issue with any of my bows was my park map bow came unclipped at the very end of Rock ‘n Roller Coaster when I hit my head against the seat at the stopping point. but it’s an extremely intense ride, so I’m not complaining! it also survived Space Mountain and they survived all other rides as well as all the sweat from the florida heat. I have nothing but good things to say about them. and here is a picture of them on me in the parks. 

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