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Magical Ribbons Review!

Okay. SO. 

I had vaguely heard about Magical Ribbons but I didn’t start really looking at the site until June. I decided almost right away that I was going to order. My boyfriend was also super interested and asked for a bowtie for his birthday present. I ordered on June 19th and paid cash (which you can’t do anymore!!) but I sent the payment out like two weeks after I placed the order. Guys. Don’t do that. It is dumb. Send it quick! The waiting time was 6 weeks when I placed the order and the wait is technically from the time of payment, so HURRY THAT UP!

However, my package came earlier than expected, and I am SO! INCREDIBLY! PLEASED! with these ribbons and the amazing customer service of Hayley! She is super nice, super understanding, and has an incredible talent for these bows. I can’t thank her enough. 

I ordered a mini Donald and mini Mike Wazowski on pinch clips and a Space Mountain on a headband for myself, a Haunted Halls bowtie for my boyfriend, and a ~secret ribbon~ for my friend Jessi because she lusted after the bows with me and she’s also really awesome. I can say with certainty—just like every other customer has—that these bows are high quality and worth every penny. I wore the Mike mini to work today and spent hours sweating and doing lots of physical labor and putting sunglasses on and the ribbon stayed securely in place. I have extremely fine hair, so that was like a freaking miracle. I think I’ll be ordering mostly minis or headbands from here on out, knowing how sturdy they are in my hair. My boyfriend also wore his bowtie to dinner tonight, and it stayed perfectly and looked great. He’s obsessed with the Haunted Mansion, so he was ecstatic to find a bow as perfect as Haunted Halls! The one fly in the ointment is mine and absolutely no fault of Hayley’s—I misread the headband orientation chart and my bow came out looking a little different than I’d imagined. It’s not bad at all, just different, and I’m going to keep that in mind for next time. I totally love it anyway. :) I don’t know when I’ll be going to Disney next, but I know that when I do, I’m going to have some AWESOME hair accessories to go with me! In the meantime I’m going to wear them to school and everywhere else!

Thank you so much, Hayley, for making these ribbons. I love them and I appreciate all the work you put into these. You’re gonna see my name in your inbox when you open in a few weeks ;)


(thanks to dan for photos of me!)

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