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Now that I’ve gotten my WDW trip recap out of the way, it’s time for my Magical Ribbons review! I ordered the Magic Kingdom Park Map bow, Minnie Mouse mini bow, and both Pirates Cast Member bows from http://magicalribbons.tumblr.com a few weeks ago.

I just finished my CP in attractions at Pirates of the Caribbean and I’m now a seasonal CM, so I’ve been practically begging her for a Pirates CM series bow for quite a while (which was probably really annoying, sorry!). So, when she posted it just a couple weeks before I was heading down to WDW to work and visit, I knew I absolutely had to have it by then! I’d had my eye on the MK Park Map bow and the Minnie mini too, so I knew this was the perfect time to order.

I ordered a Fast Pass to get my bows in time for my trip, and not only did they come on time but they arrived a few days early! As soon as I opened the envelope, I could see what everyone was talking about in terms of the bow quality. The bows were shiny, perfectly crafted and simply beautiful. These bows are nothing like the kind you would buy at some accessory store. I never realized what a big difference there is between homemade bows and mass produced ones, but it’s pretty clear now. Even the clips are sturdy actually hold on to my thick, curly hair.

The bows were all such fun to wear while I was at WDW! The striped Pirates CM bow was my absolute favorite to wear with my Pirates costume! As you can see, it matches my pirate socks absolutely PERFECTLY!!!

I got several compliments on the bow not only from my coworkers, but from my coordinators and managers as well! It was the perfect way to add little flair to my crazy pirate costume.

The park map bow and Minnie mini bow were super fun to wear around the parks! The park map bow especially is so unique and I got a ton of compliments. Also, it’s super durable and even though it rained a ton while I was there, it looks as good as new.

Hayley was absolutely wonderful to work with and I am so grateful that she made these bows and was able to get them to me in time for my trip. The entire process of ordering and receiving my bows was seamless and I can’t wait to order again soon. Visiting WDW is always magical, but these bows made my visit extra special! :)

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